Power Window Repair

What Causes Your Car to Need Power Window Repair?

If you have power windows and you keep your car for several years, it's likely that you will eventually need power window repair. Usually, the symptoms will involve one or more windows refusing to work in one or both directions. If the window gets stuck closed, it's annoying. When it gets stuck open, or closes but falls back down, it puts your car in jeopardy of everything from rain to thieves. Either way, you'll likely wonder what it will take to fix the window.

When the window fails after a period of erratic operation, but you can still hear the mechanism inside trying to do its job, one or more parts has probably worn out. A steel cable is typically involved not only in moving the window but also in keeping it in the right position. If the cable breaks, the window won't go up. It will also want to fall open on its own. A failing cable may also jam, causing the window to stay in whatever position it was in when the failure occurred.

Electrical problems also cause people to need power window repair. Water infiltration, worn-out switches, loosened connections, and other such things cause the window to become unresponsive. You may not hear the motor trying to work in these cases. That's because it's no longer getting the signal to operate.

These are just some of the problems that may be found by mobile auto glass experts when they examine your power windows. If you're having trouble with yours, you can be sure that a proper examination by mobile auto glass experts will pin down the problem.