Auto Glass Repairs

When Are Auto Glass Repairs Possible?

When auto glass gets damaged, there are two ways to take care of it. In some cases, you can get it repaired. This is the least-expensive option. In other instances, you will need to have the glass entirely replaced. This is more expensive but has the benefit of providing a super-clean windshield that will likely surprise you with its clarity.

The extent of the damage determines the course of action that is taken. Auto glass repairs are only possible when cracks and chips are small. Then, the damaged areas can be filled in. This restores the strength of the glass and makes the treated area easy to see through.

If the crack or chip is too big, the windshield must be replaced. This not only gets rid of the problem but it also provides an extremely clear view all across the windshield. Those who have old cars will typically be amazed at how much clearer everything looks! This is because even with regular cleaning, old windshields lose clarity.

The main thing to keep in mind is that windshield cracks spread over time. Sometimes, this can happen very quickly. Chips can also start cracks, which spread in the same way. Since only small cracks can be fixed, experts in windshield chip repairs strongly recommend having the work done as soon as you notice the damage. This helps to ensure that the problem will still be fixable when the technician comes to repair it.

Occasionally, damage will be severe enough to require replacement even on the day it happens. The general rule is that a crack must be shorter than a deck of cards or a dollar bill in order to be fixed, and for windshield chip repairs, the chips must not penetrate all the way through the glass. As long as these criteria are met, repairs can usually be done.